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“The benefits of CareFull Catch are significant: reduces cross contamination and costly retesting which delays diagnosis and treatment of the patient, overall greatly improving the patient experience.”

Drug Testing Facilities

“We use CareFull Catch for all of our female UA clients so that we’re able to keep the client’s hand away from their private area to prevent tampering and adulteration.  We askthem to use one hand while they’re holding the handle.  Obviously It’s also easier for them so they’re not peeing on their hand.”


Parent of Pediatric Patient

“With CareFull Catch, I no longer have to put my entire hand into the public toilet to catch my daughter’s urine sample. This makes the process cleaner and easier for both her and I.”

Elderly Patient

“CareFull Catch allowed me to sit down and catch my own sample, eliminating the stress and embarrassment of needing an assistant.”