CareFull Catch Story


Throughout my first pregnancy, my physician routinely asked me to provide a urine sample. After struggling with the difficulty of providing samples in a clean and effective manner, I thought to myself, there has to be a better way!

I decided to do some market research. I spoke with patients of all ages and practitioners in multiple markets and the frustration around the specimen collection process was consistent.

The mother of a 4 year old girl, who gets UTI’s regularly, described the collection process for her daughter. In order to retrieve the sample, she has to reach her entire hand inside the toilet bowl and rest her arm on the porcelain part of the public toilet seat as her daughter urinates all over her hand.  This happens every time they visit the doctor.

Another woman explained that her elderly mother is unable to collect her own sample because she cannot squat, balance and catch the urine all at the same time.  Furthermore, her mom is embarrassed whenever a third party has to be involved in the collection process.

After hearing many testimonials, it has amazed me how many patients have been frustrated with the specimen collection process. A simple task that has been made difficult, solely due to the fact that there wasn’t anything on the market to help with this process…that is until now!

To fill this void, I have designed a specimen cup holder, which provides an innovative solution to improve the specimen collection process for patients of all ages. It is my goal to have CareFull Catch become a standard of practice and be provided for patients at every doctor’s office, hospital, laboratory and elderly care facility.

Colleen Meloff, President & CEO