Carefull Catch Debuts On "The Doctors"

Tampa, FL (February 14, 2017) –Dr. Travis Stork and his co-hosts unanimously agreed that they like CareFull Catch, innovative specimen cup holder. Stork praised CareFull Catch stating that he “feels for women because they don’t have a funnel like men”, which obviously makes collecting a urine sample more difficult for women.  Co-host Areva Martin agrees stating “I think this is a good idea because you are worried about urinating on your hand, you’re worried about getting the specimen on the outside of the cup, there’s lots of worries”.

With CareFull Catch you can say goodbye to the stress and the mess!

The cup holder helps patients “Pee in the cup, not on your hand!”  CareFull Catch also reduces instances of contamination and adulteration allowing patients to be diagnosed and treated accurately the first time.  

As Travis Stork states, “You’re going to start showing up in some doctor’s offices and they hand you the whole contraption (CareFull Catch holding the cup), this makes sense to me.”


Colleen Meloff